How to Build a Social Media Strategy for Every Type of Facility

What are your goals?
– Share information
– Build brand awareness
– Promote concerts & events
– Boost ticket sales
– Increase traffic
– Reputation management
Who is your audience?
– Concertgoers
– Theatergoers
– Sports fans
– Families
– Locals
– Tourists
Why social media?
– Understand your audience, their thoughts & behavior
– Build relationships & loyalty
– Two-way communication
– Monitor/track efforts
– Your competition uses it
What platforms & content should I use?
– Social networks: Facebook, Twitter
– Blogs: WordPress, Blogger
– Video: YouTube, Vimeo
– Photos: Flickr, Photobucket
– Location-based social networks: Foursquare, Gowalla
– Social bookmarks:, Stumbleupon
Best practices
– Tailor your message to the platform you’re using
– Choose a few platforms & master them
– Offer useful, compelling & engaging content
– Strive for authenticity, transparency & originality
– Interact with your audience
– Post content frequently
– Respond promptly
– Listen to what’s being said about your venue(s)
– Track what’s working – and what isn’t
– Commit yourself
Seth Godin on social media:

“It’s a process, not an event. Dating is a process. So is losing weight, being a public company and building a brand. On the other hand, putting up a trade show booth is an event. So are going public and having surgery. Events are easier to manage, pay for and get excited about. Processes build results for the long haul.”

“Social Media Revolution 2 (refresh)” video:

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